Whats Mixed Note Counting Machine can do?

Mixed Note Counting Machine

The mixed note counting machine is the patented design in which you acquire this kind of machine to the country only if you have an agent in your country. If you usually handle a high number of notes with this device, there is no need for the presorting process as it caters to the same. It operates at a low noise while counting as it adds, and the batch option applies in your preferred settings. It has ultraviolet and magnetic properties in which you use as an optional feature. Counterfeit detection features usually apply to most currencies around the world. In the processes of the calculations of the notes, the device cleans, starts, and stops automatically.

Mixed Note Counting Machine

In addition, FEELTECK Mixed Note Counting Machine allows you to choose your favorite device according to the device’s color to where you can determine the golden, blue, or red. You can also customize your favorite color. It gives you the most suitable panel design in which you opt for the kind of machine to the country. You need to our agent in your country. The device’s display comes with two front and the side indicating the information in the different positioning. Infrared, magnetic, and ultraviolet detection determines the chain, double, and half note detection. These feature assists in the determination of the fake notes from the bunch of the money. The add function assists in adding the total amount of the added bills in the methods of the calculation of the capital. The batch function sets for the number of the amount that you desire for the count. If the set batch is achieved, the device stops the process of the calculation of the money.

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